Monday, 9 August 2010

National Day

During my childhood days, I was one of the lucky children who could watch the NDP contingents march-past in front of my HDB flat. My neighbours and I used to line up early along the corridor to wait and I cheered and waved vehemently as the contingents marched by, usually reciprocated with... indifference. My favourite was the Navy contingent, young men looking spic and span, so smart in their all white uniforms.

What did I know about patriotism back then? Probably as much as what I know about it today. My patriotism has never been put through the test nor questioned about over the years; neither were there occassions which called for the demonstration of my allegiance. So how patriotic am I... hmm, I have no means to judge.

Don't get me wrong though, I love my country. I have once told my colleagues overseas that the time I felt most home sick was when I stepped out of the shower on a cold winter day, in some hotel in a faraway place, freezing and missing the warm weather at home. But it is certainly more than just the weather, I love my home for a myriad of other reasons. The stability, the peace and security, the opportunities that I have been presented with and the competitive edge which I enjoy on the international arena. Our country has certainly come a long way in just 45 years.

Some wise words we have been told, that to love someone is to love her for who she is, not just for her strengths but also weaknesses. Although there are polices implemented in this country which I will criticise and behaviour of fellow Singaporeans which I cannot identify with, I love my home nevertheless. Brand me as "Kiasu" if you like, think of me as an "ugly Singaporean" if you must, I have no qualms about saying it out loud that I am a Singaporean.

And so is Cowboy.

100% Singaporean

I made an effort to watch the NDP parade on TV this year, and oh boy, I must say the guard of honour is as smart as they can be today.

Happy National Day!

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