Friday, 12 September 2008

What's for tea?

Oreo Cheese Cake

Friends, this is what we will be having for tea tomorrow.

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Wet and wild

Mummy's point and shoot camera is back from loan. I smell trouble... she's going to make me pose in all her silly photos again!

What's the big deal about taking a bath? Haven't you seen a 帅哥"let down his hair" before?

Wet and wild! Sexy? Not quite...

I'm smiling because I'm making a“洗头妹”out of my Mummy.

Going to relax for a while. Wake me up when I'm done.

Thanks to this 3 speed, 3 temperature hair dryer with ion care , I get the maximum air at lowest temperature, free from static. Cozy.

Ooo... enjoying the "breeze"; How comfortable.

Almost there... before the final touch.

White and fluffy once again.

Hair loss.. sign of old age!

Sorry to all the uncles, aunties and 弟弟、妹妹 who came to our house yesterday. I smelled like rotten cheese. That wasn't my usual self.

Today I'm 白白香香了!