Wednesday, 25 February 2009

I saw rainbows

This extraordinary day started out plain and simple, seemed destined to be uneventful, like most other ordinary days.

I felt a queer sense of cheerfulness when I left the office, as rain fell from a sunny sky. There were no reasons to brood on a rainy day that was neither grey nor gloomy, I thought.

While locked in the traffic towards Orchard, I saw a stunning arc of colours. It was a huge rainbow! Though not quite enough to be a traffic stopper, it was awe inspiring... more refreshing than the rain drops, more eye-catching than those expensive cars that were lined up side by side with me.

As I tried to figure out from where the rainbow was conceived, I realised that my perspectives were continuously distorted. We have all been told that there is a pot of gold at each end of the rainbow, but this will remain a myth. The fact is, there isn't a beginning or an ending to a rainbow. It just stretches out from the horizon and extends into infinity. Chasing the rainbow is futile; I made a small attempt today and was so proven.

It always happen at the least expected time and place, such rare and pleasant encounter. Perhaps all other miracles do too. I have longed to see a real arch of rainbow, but the closest that I have got before today was just some broken spectrum of lights that I briefly came across at east coast many years back.

And there we have it, not just one but two rainbows!