Tuesday, 24 November 2009

All I want for X'mas is a Blue Raincoat

I have been crazy about boots lately, perhaps partly influenced by my recent trip to Japan (where boots are essential for autumn/winter) but mostly I think is due to an advertisment banner I saw at the shopping mall. A young lady with slender legs wearing knee high cherry red boots... that is style!

Saturday, 14 November 2009



时光是琥珀 泪一滴滴被反锁
情书再不朽 也磨成沙漏
青春的上游 白云飞走苍狗与海鸥
闪过的念头 潺潺的溜走
命运好幽默 让爱的人都沉默
一整个宇宙 换一颗红豆
回忆如困兽 寂寞太久而渐渐温柔
放开了拳头 反而更自由
慢动作 缱绻胶卷 重播默片 定格一瞬间
我们在 告别的演唱会 说好不再见
你写给我 我的第一首歌
你和我 十指紧扣 默写前奏
还好我有 我这一首情歌
轻轻的 轻轻哼着 哭着笑着
我的 天长地久
长镜头 越拉越远 越来越远 事隔好几年
我们在 怀念的演唱会 礼貌的吻别
陪我唱歌 清唱你的情歌
舍不得 短短副歌 心还热着
还好我有 我下一首情歌
生命宛如 静静的 相拥的河
永远 天长地久

Monday, 2 November 2009

Tokyo shopping

I guess I felt I have suffered enough hardship on the trip so far, I took a "day off" (so did my SLR) and went shopping today.

At Shinjuku Station.

In any case, it has been raining in Tokyo for 2 days since my arrival. The miserable cold and wet weather dampens all my enthusiasm for sightseeing. It is the best time to enjoy some warmth and comfort provided by Takashimaya in courtesy.

Takashimaya Square.