Tuesday, 28 July 2009


Someone said to me that I seem to have become wealthier. Have an apartment, own a car (ignoring the liabilities for a moment) and get to travel from time to time. It is true that I do feel weathly. Not so much because of the material items that I own but the opportunity and freedom to do all the things that I like. Perhaps having a decent job and stable income have a big part to play in this, but most importantly, it is having the right mindset and determination that allows me to live life exactly the way I wanted to.

Pursuing dreams is part an parcel of building worth in one's life and living it meaningfully. Although we each dream a different dream, they involve sacrifices all the same. I am lucky to have family and friends, and maybe even circumstances that are supportive of my pursuits. Therefore, I will not stand in the way of others who want to pursue dreams of their own.

As a result, I am now all alone in this house. Loneliness is not new to me and it is something I can endure. Material possessions may be hard to let go and family ties are just as important. But a dream come true is the priceless gift for those who are brave enough make sacrifices and take up new adventures.

So, good luck to the one on his way to the land of the rising sun!

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Fun Taipei

Not much time for sight-seeing this time. Been to Danshui yesterday night and tried a few local specialities.

阿给, specialty of Danshui. A Tofu stuffed with glass noodles.

After that, have a cup of famous sour plum drink to get rid of excess oil.

Even the worst eyesight can be corrected by this pair of super huge glasses.

Fisherman's Wharf Danshui

Who loves who?

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Solar Eclipse on the way to Taipei

I was supposed to have better chances of seeing the eclipse as I was flying towards Taipei during the time when the solar eclipse was to occur. However, other than the short moments of "black-out" I experienced when I dozed off... it was bright and sunny all the way.

But that morning before I set off, the weather was horrible. At 6am, strong wind blew, as if a storm was brewing. After that, it rained heavily, even at the time my plane took off from Changi. I worried that it has got something to do with the bad omen on the day of an eclipse. I held on to the arm rest more tightly than usual.

Don't look down on me, just because I believe in the eclipse superstition... and avoid sitting at seat number 44 on the plane :-P

Even an ancient Greek man has more wisdom than I do. A fragment of a poem by a Greek poet/soldier, so accurately describes a total solar eclipse:

Nothing there is beyond hope,
Nothing that can be sworn impossible,
Nothing wonderful, since Zeus,
Father of the Olympians,
Made night from mid-day,
Hiding the light of the shining Sun,
And sore fear came upon men.

Monday, 6 July 2009

My herb garden surviving extreme weather conditions

I don't want to start complaining about the weather lately; but the erratic weather conditions have taken toll on the well-being of my herb plants. I have never had to try so hard to keep them healthy. I am lucky that they are still alive.

Rosemary. Almost withered the last time I transplanted it into a new pot. Now doing just fine.

Parsley. The only plant which I sow from seeds. After almost 5 months, they are only this big. How long more do I have to wait?

Mint. Growing well, maybe a little too well that they will soon out-grow the new flower pot.

I have no luck with flowering plants. Lavender is still barren. Like waiting for 铁树开花。

Thai Basils. Supposed to thrive with full sun but the erratic weather lately did not do them good.

Sweet Basils. Beautiful but needs to be harvested soon.