Thursday, 30 August 2007

A card to Sri Lanka

Look at my DIY card! Ok, so what if my art ain't great? It is the thought that counts!

* * Front * *

* * Back * *

I am sure you can tell from the fact that I couldn't even cut in straight line that it was such arduous task for me to put together this card, consisting of comic strip I download from the internet and pasted on red cardboard (technically, it's not that simple as there was a reasonable amount of cut and paste job plus designs with some fancy paper).

This will be the little gift to my sponsored child in Sri Lanka, who will be celebrating her 10th birthday on 13 Oct. I certainly hope she likes it and I wish you will all enjoy the funny little comic too! In case you are thinking that I might have prepared for this way too early, it is not quite the case. By the time the card reaches World Vision Sri Lanka, get translated and redirected to the "Summer Island", hehe.... I wonder when that will be. Oh did I mention? This particular sponsorship program that I am associated with is call "Summer Island ADP". What a sunny and happy name.... it definitely brings hope!

Monday, 27 August 2007

Is there a place on earth that has been forsaken?

What did you see in this? At the first look, I thought it was a pot full of squids. However, not in my wildest imagination would I have know that what I am seeing is a pot full of rotten cassava cooked with dead rats. Yes, this is what the Zambians are feeding to their children.

After being striken by 6 months of hard rain since October 2006, which resulted in serious flooding, the main source of food supply, the cassava crop (or tapioca) was almost completely destroyed in the Zambian village. Having left with no food, no shelter, only hunger and diseases remain. Many of you are parents yourself. Ask yourself this question: will you feed a hungry child with rotten vegetables and dead animals or feed them with nothing at all? I do not have an answer and am I not glad that I do not have to make a decision like this.

I can never understand why there are so many misfortunes in this world, and even you and I have our fair share of unfortunate experiences. However, what we have gone through and will be going through are nothing as compared to the hardship that these people are enduring. I have always been a firm believer of hard work and perseverance and I am convinced that anyone who has a pair of hands and legs, who is blessed with a healthy body can overcome any hardship and live a decent life. Yet, I may be only partly correct because in a place like this (Zambia), where circumstances challenge the human will each day, things may work a little differently. If there is no land for you to sow, what can you reap? If there is no hope left, what can you pray for?

I cannot help but wonder, is this the address of where we would call a "god forsaken place"? Or is this the land where our creator has conveniently cast his "defective creations" away, such that there are only sufferings, pain, fear, drought, flood, hunger, diseases, etc in this place?

Don't start lamenting how little you can do as an individual to help relief the world of such misfortunes and please don't give excuses that you are too busy to want to help. Children don't stop going hungry just because we are too busy getting on with our lives. There are many ways in which you can help and one of the easiest is to pledge a small donation regularly with a charitable organisation of your choice. There are 6.5 billion of us in this world and if only more of the strong ones are willing to put their hands forward and hold on to someone in need, I am sure, the better world in which we all have in our visions will become a reality, some day.

World Vision Singapore has currently launced a donation campaign to help raise funds for the flood victims of Zambia. For more information, please see

Sunday, 26 August 2007

I is back!

It is embarrassing to be using the title as above because the grammer is clearly incorrect. But I guess since my friends will have no problem identifying with that, I thought it is no harm to embarrass myself from time to time.

I was supposed to be hiding away from this blog the last couple of days to work on some serious reading, which I ended up doing almost none. However, I have not been lazy but mostly because I am occupied with updating another blog of mine which desparately needed new posts and boosting in 人气. Unfortunately, none of my friends seem to like going there because the Chinese writings make them dizzy I guess. Believe me, it is also not an easy task to be writing while switching between 1 online translator and 1 online dictionary and my efficiency has gone down by 70% when I blog in Chinese.

Ok, wondering why I am not yet sleeping at this time? Well, my tummy is going through a massive revolution! I have been suffering from weak stomach all week and the Tom Yum hot pot that I just had is definitely the final straw. I am prepared for a rough night ahead. But this is all worth it as me and friends had great fun over dinner just now. See our delightful smiles!

Just turning twenty? Haha!

Khan! Don't look so distracted!

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

3 months and 1 day deadline

Today is the deadline for my return to PwC, after 3 months and 1 day. Sadly (or gladly, depending on which perspective you have), it is clear that the day of my return will never come.

When I first joined my new company, I was full of apprehension and doubts. I was not sure how a "perceived workaholic" like me could survive in a slow paced environment, with all the aunties (hmm actually I'm also an aunty haha!). My friend calls my new place the "retirement village".

Contrary to all my initial beliefs, I think by now I can say that I am fully accustomed to this "retirement" culture. Work used to be 70% and life 30% (using a work-life balance analogy) but now it is exactly the reverse; 30% work, 70% life. I left PwC in search of a life and I ended up finding not just my life back, but also friends and new dreams.

For many years, I have put up a tough front, usually defensive and skeptical about new acquaintance and relationships. I haven't had new friends for a long long time (even those bunch of great pals in PwC are gained only after long years of battling at the front lines together) and I never thought it would actually be so easy to do that. My new colleagues have embraced me unconditionally and with open arms ever since I came and I was taken to lunch and asked to joined them in their afternoon chit chats at the snack corner within the first week. Such warmth and kindness are things that have been missing in my life for way too long. And if I have not yet mentioned, they celebrated my birthday with a sumptuous lunch and tasty blackforest cake, just at the point when I was terribly missing my birthday bash in PwC. Gosh, I am deeply touched.

These people have touched my heart in so many ways. Not only have I been showered with care and concerns, I have also gained inspirations from their simple joys and simple ways of lives. One important lesson which they taught me through their very own actions is that one should always take the first step to open up his/her heart if he/she wants others to equally open theirs. There is no reason why you should be hurt by doing so because love that is of the most genuine form can always be understood, even by the most mercenary person.

And as for my new dreams.... I honestly don't know where I am heading towards. But I am living each day the way I like and while I could lament on what I have missed out in those years that have passed, I rather focus all my energy on making the future right.

I do hope you can see how different a person I have become and from the bottom of my heart, I can say this....... I am happy today!

P.S. I will be taking a break from this blog for a couple of days after this post to concentrate on some serious reading. Until then, please do not miss me.... and please continue to boost the visitor counts by coming back to this page haha! Sad already? Come on, it will be for less than a week lah!

Sunday, 19 August 2007

Singapore Fireworks Celebrations 2007

I was lucky to have gotten tickets to the Singapore Fireworks Celebrations 2007. It was a spectacular show though it was for only a short 15 mins.

Check out some video clips too! To set your expectations right.... though they are not directed by Oscar winning director but they are definitely not another Blair Witch Project ok. Enjoy!

Friday, 17 August 2007

The tale of the dilemma bun

Introducing the Dilemma Bun!

I travelled to Mongolia in 2005, and it was the first time that I saw poverty within such close proximity. As our train disembarked at the station, I noticed many locals waiting by the deck, some of them were hawkers selling food (and milk) and other stuff but most were children waiting for the travellers to share some of their generousity with them. Food, drinks, money, cigarettes, any kind of contributions were welcomed.

I was given a lunch box by the train attendant, quite a generous portion I would say, meat, veggie, rice and bun. Way too much food for me, considering I have been sitting on the train and doing nothing all day. I carefully put aside my bun which was wrapped in transparent plastic, thinking that maybe I could use it as a snack later on in the day. After lunch, I took a stroll along the deck while waiting for the train to continue its journey.

It was that fateful moment when I saw a pathetic little dog. He was dirty and skinny and his skin wasn't exactly in the best condition. I love dogs as you know and look at his pitiful eyes, how can you not want to do something for him? I remembered my bun and decided to offer it to little 可怜here.

The twist of the story happened here. When I was back in the train cabin collecting my bun, I looked out of the window and saw 2 mongolian kids, one of them holding a leftover lunch box from our train, and her face was full of smile. She was so small that the lunch box looked relatively big in her hands. At that moment, I realised that there were too many hungry mongolian people and if there was something good I could do, it was probably to offer them some food.

I had an extra bun remember? A moment ago, I was so determined to give it to poor dog but then I have changed my mind again. Will I be cursed and condemned for giving the bun to a dog instead of satisfying the hunger of a poor mongolian child? The thought was tormenting and I was completely at a lost as to what was the correct thing to do. I did not have the heart to see poor doggy go hungry, neither could I bear the thought of depriving a child from a bun by giving it to an animal. In a place like this, are humans more equal than an animal? That is so against the belief which I advocate! But....but....but......

Well, what happened in the end? I waited and waited, hesitated and hesitated until the train finally left. The bun was still on my table and I completely couldn't figure out what I should do with it. Neither was I able to eat it anymore as I was way to sad just looking at it. Henceforth, it was known as the "dilemma bun" by me and my travelling companions. My "dilemma" eventually landed up in the rubbish bin together with the empty lunch box containers.

See what mess I have created? I helped no one and tormented myself....

Thursday, 16 August 2007

The end of motorcycle theory classes

Finally, I have finished all 4 of my riding theory classes. Today, I met the most diligent instructor who constantly engage the students in class (making sure that they are not sleeping or day-dreaming) and is all passionate about what he is teaching. He deserves the greatest respect.

As a motorcar driver, I have always resented motor-bikers whom I thought are reckless and stubborn. I have little patience towards those who just have to insist on driving on the right lane or squeeze themselves through the gaps between cars in heavy traffic conditions. Goodness, I fear for their lives! When in class, the instructor described various scenarios that are the most inappropriate of the bikers (the above 2 included) and you can see me knodding my head vigorously. Somehow the instructor might have noticed it and asked me if I would still want to learn to ride a bike knowing that it is dangerous. Only he seem to have smelled the fear and not the resentment in me.

Of course I am going to continue. Who said chasing a dream is easy? It takes a lot of determination and will to persevere when all else seem to turn against you. But, the "devil" in us grows stronger whenever we are determined to do something. Maybe all the will power has been channeled towards what we want to achieve and less is remaining the curb the "devil" from rising.

Just yesterday when I was leaving office to go swimming, I heard the "devil's" voices.... gosh how I wish I was going home to hug a big fat chocolate cake instead of having to brave the cold water at the pool. But, I did my swimming in the end, just like I will also go start my practical riding classes (which I have procrastinated for almost 3 weeks already).

You might think that after all these classes about riding a motorcycle, I will have more empathy towards the riders on the road. Wrong! Haha... and what kind of rider do you think I will become when I eventually obtained my license? I have only got this to say, if you can't change them, just be like them!

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Swimming in Lunar 7th month

Today is the first time that I went swimming in the Lunar 7th month. The Chinese believes that the 7th month is the "Ghost Festival" and one should never go swimming as there will be "water ghost" that will be out there pulling your legs. I was never the superstitious type but due to my mother's constant reminder, I avoided all forms of water sport during the month.

For a long time, I was afraid of the water, the sea particularly. I have always felt the sea to be intimidating, especially during the nights, where the sound of the waves are like the monster's roar, telling me that it is ready to swallow anyone into the bottomless dark waters .

I could never forget an incident which happened when I was still in primary school where I almost drown at east coast. Once, I was playing with my cousins at the beach and I could barely swim at that time. Being a curious child, I walked out to the open sea as far as I could, until the water touched my chin. Something happened, and within a second, I found myself struggling in the water. Thank goodness my uncle saw me a gave me a hand to help me back to the shore. As I tried to recollect what actually happened, I remembered I felt a hand grabbed my ankle and dragged me down. Scary isn't it? Over the years, I have come out with a theory that it was a prank my cousins played on me. But because of that incident, I never like swimming in the sea anymore. The next time I did swim in the sea was in 1996 in Phuket where the water was crystal clear and I could find my feet at all times.

I have gone to the swimming pool today with an intention to break the superstition belief. However, I was only able to complete 75% of the number of laps that I typically do due to a muscle cramp. 邪门! Please lah, it is probably because I didn't do enough warm ups.

Russia Travel Notes - St Basil's Cathedral (Moscow)

Just realised I have not even had 1 post about my greatest passion in life.... travelling! Let's talk about Moscow.

Introducing the St Basil's Cathedral in Moscow, Russia. Situated in the Red Square, the Cathedral was built by Czar Ivan IV (aka Ivan the Terrible*) between 1555 to 1561. It was erected to commemorate the victory of Russian army over the Kazan Khanate** and final liberation from Tatar-Mongol yoke***.

The St Basil's Cathedral was initially built to incorporate 9 chapels, consisting of 8 octagon-shaped towers with round domes (4 big ones, 4 small ones) and a single largest one in the centre with a high marquee. It wasn't until the 1670s, however, that the domes were patterned thereby creating the multi-coloured exterior. Subsequently, 2 churches were added and as of today, there is a total of 11 churches making up the Cathedral. In 1812, Napoleon once ordered the Cathedral to be destroyed but his troop did not have enough time to complete the task. Thank goodness, otherwise we would have lost such a beauty.

The interior of the Cathedral pales in comparison to it's colourful external façade. The churches are decorated with simple frescoes of flowers and Saints and from what I can recollect, are extremely dim and narrow.

The statue in front of St Basil's is known as the Minin and Pozharskiy Monument which is put up in 1818 to remember the 2 heros who led Russia in a revolt against the Polish invaders.

How much do I love the St Basil's Cathedral, I think my 2 companions can tell you. In the 3 days that we stayed in Moscow, we went to the Red Square every single day to catch a glimpse of the Cathedral. It is simply great and no doubt my favourite building in the world.

I have conquered St Basil's!

* Ivan IV acquired his notorious nickname of Ivan the Terrible because of his cruel ways. He was not always a terror but his personality changed drastically after his wife, Anastasia died. It was believed that Anastasia was poisoned and ever since, Ivan IV became very suspicious and constantly worried that people are plotting to replace him. That's probably why he turned to cruelty. Ivan the Terrible killed one of his son in a fit of anger! It was also said that Ivan IV blinded the eyes of the architect who built the Cathderal so that he will not be able to create anything more beautiful than this. See how "terrible" he was?

** A medieval state which consisted of the state of Kazan (and other states), the capital city of the Republic of Tatarstan. The Republic of Tatarstan is in turn a subject of the Russian Federation.

*** Did you know the Mongol Yoke had once taken Russia? In the early 13 century, Batu Khan (grandson of Ghenkis Khan) led his army which invaded Russia and won the battle. Russia remained under the Mongolian rule for the next 2 centuries.

Tuesday, 14 August 2007







* * * * *
2 Korean hostages have been released yesterday. Let's pray that the remaining 19 will be released soon.

Monday, 13 August 2007

Going Green - Food miles

I read something really interesting on Straits Times while having lunch just now. It's about being environmental friendly and ways that you can "Go Green".

One interesting thing I learnt is about "Food Miles". It measures the distance that our food travels from the field to our table, thereby indicating the level of carbon dioxide emission due to the transportation process involved. That is, it will be environmentally friendlier if you buy a local kampong chicken than one imported from Australia.

Some of the recommeded ways that you can go green includes bringing your own reusable shopping bags and food containers, buying from local food sources, not drinking bottled water, switch off appliances that are usually kept on standby or power sockets when not in use, etc. Sounds pretty easy to do right? So why are you hestitating, start going green today!

I believe one of the reason why people procrastinate on starting on such simple acts is due to the negative thought that "how can one person's effort make any difference"? Like I always advocate to my friends, no one person's contribution is ever too small because if I can change you, and you can change a friend, and your friend change another, together, we can change the world. Of course, we don't have to turn revolutionalists overnight, just try to start small, in the easiest way that you can. And praise yourself for doing so because it takes someone who cares to want to make a difference to yours and my lives.

Sunday, 12 August 2007

Weekend Combo post: Sentosa vs Orchard

Hee hee... Blogger turns lazy over the weekend. Another combo post for this week.

(1) Saturday (11 August)

My breakfast at Coffee Bean @ Sentosa. Americano and chocolate chip muffin. Defeat the purpose of having skimmed milk added to the black coffee.

So many giraffes

That's a luge by the way.

Did you know there are such fun games at Sentosa now?

(2) Pilgrimage at Zara (12 August)

One of my favourite weekend activities is to pay pilgrimage at Zara @ Liat Towers.

Look what I've got! Cute?

Friday, 10 August 2007


Went to Alley Bar at 7pm was hoping to get dinner but ended up only managed to have 1 glass of red wine and some snacks. The lighting was way too dim, not good for the eyes of old ones like me.

So me and party of friends adjourned to another place to satisfy our hungry stomach.

Yummy stuff at Pepper Lunch!

One girl refused to eat and suffered hunger all night...

Thursday, 9 August 2007

My new office and colleagues

不老的传说。These ladies have combined age of 140 years old. Don't they look young(SSR you won't believe it, one of them is exactly 10 years older than you!)

The legendary coffee machine. Since I joined the company, I have saved lot from not having to pay for my daily dosage of caffeine. Is it that great? Well, if the Swedish are not complaining, why should I be. I have since acquired a taste for black coffee without sugar. Nice. Also a glimpse of the pantry.

Introducing "The snack corner". Every afternoon, aunties will stand in line to savour the various goodies left on the shelf. And of course taking some time off to catch up on the latest gossips and what's happening to their lives and children.

Because it is the budget period now, MDs and FCs from the regions are all coming in and bringing along their local delicacies. Taiwanese crackers, Hong Kong mooncake, Korean Ginseng candies are some of those which you can see here. Next week there will be more!

My work station. Big enough? Well, bigger space than I need actually.

Did you see a "dinosaur" buried underneath the files? I can't even tell what model of IBM laptop it is. Fortunately, it is not mine.

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

No hostage deal with Taleban

Surprise, surprise.... why I am not the least bit surprised?

The US has spoken and this time joinly with Afghanistan. There will be no release of the Taleban prisoners in exchange of the Korean hostages. That is the message at large. The Taleban threatened that "the responsibility will lie with Karzai (Afghan President) and Bush".

Who scare who? Now I have a friend! Reminds me of when I was a kid and wanted to do something naughty, I will never act alone. Always bring along a friend, that's the golden rule. Not only does it help boost my courage but you know, it's always good to have someone to share the blame with when being punished.

Please pardon my insolence, I wonder if this cynicism of mine will ever get me to end up in jail!

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

What came out of my research for a weekend trip to Cambodia

Being newly "appointed" (i.e. arrowed) as the recreation coordinator of the company, my first task is to plan a weekend trip to Cambodia. I was supposed to surf the internet for cheap airfares and tourist hot spots to put together a DIY package, but I ended up being captivated by the Khmer Rouge and Tuol Sleng literatures.

I believe most would have heard something about the genocide during the reign of the brutal Khmer Rouge leader, Pol Pot. The genocide took place between 1975-1979 and it was estimated that 1.2 to 2 million people were killed, out of the 7 million population of Democratic Kampuchea back then. It was an "exercise" to rid those whom the leader thought as "unfit" and I cannot help but wonder what he would do with a country eventually left with no one. The bitter years were finally put to an end when Vietnam invaded Cambodia and removed Pol Pot from power.

Pol Pot and many of the leaders of the Khmer Rouge were young men who once had received scholarships to study in France (2 of them even had doctrate degree from the French University). As to what went wrong in those intelligent minds no one could tell for sure. I see it as a form of insecurity, fear of being betrayed and the desire to consolidate power which led them to such insanity.

What Pol Pot and team wanted to achieve was a "self sufficient" country through agriculture, somewhat inspired by Chairman Mao's ambitions. Foreign influence was isolated, schools and factories were closed down, banking and finance abolished, religions were outlawed and properties were confiscated, all these to create a "classless" society. People were relocated in masses and families were torned apart, most were made farmers and had to perform forced labour. As a result, many died from hardship, dieseases and starvation. Not to mention that western medicines were also prohibited and people had to seek tradition remedies, which we all know could probably cause more harm than cure.

During that time, the Khmer Rouge had a slogan which read as such: "To spare you is no profit, to destroy you is no loss". Hence the massacre begun. People were executed for suspected alliance with foreign intelligence, for being professionals (doctors, lawyers, and I'm sure auditors won't be spared if those existed in Cambodia at that time) and intellectuals, homosexuals and even for as simple as wearing spectacles.

One of the most infamous tourist site in Cambodia has to be the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum in Phnom Penh. It was once a high school but was used as a concentration camp (Security Prison 21, aka S-21) during the Khmer Rouge time. This was the place where 17,000 people were imprisoned and only 7 survived (needless to say the rest were executed or died). While in S-21, prisoners were tortured to confess crimes which they were innocent of. Those methods of tortures include electric shocks, hot iron treatment, and I also heard witness account of pouring water and cement into the nose of victims. Instant death was not what the Khmer Rouge wanted as confessions were what they were after. It is not hard to imagine that on top of physical abuse, deprivation and unhygienic conditions must have been of the greatest ordeal for those in captive to survive.

Tuol Sleng was discovered by a photographer in 1979 as he followed the stench of rotting corpse at the gates of the school. It was said that it took over 2 years for the stench to completely go away. I thought long and hard as to what pictures of Tuol Sleng I should post on this blog and finally decided that it will not go beyond some photos of the building and cells. I do not think I should put you through the grotesque sights of blood stained floors, gadgets used for tortures, pictures of victims, skulls, etc as I personally felt extremely painful to have to look at those.

While in S-21, prisoners were photographed and their biographical data were meticulously collected. On hindsight, this appeared to be least that the Khmer Rouge could have done for the victims, keeping a name and a photo of each so that they can be remembered eternally. There were both men and women in those photographs that I saw and many were just children.

If you ask me, what is the point of lamenting history, I say, let this be a lesson for us to remember for a long long time. It is incredible what man who possesses great power can do and even you and I are capable of small unkind acts from time to time. Let not this evil in us manifest into greater danger and pain for the world. No one should ever die this way!

Monday, 6 August 2007

Chasing Mini Cooper

Went to the Mini showroom today. Why do I have a feeling that it's going to make me poorer?

What a beautiful car, I'm astonished! But it's totally against my criteria for selecting a car:

1. Saloon. I have always appreciated a car with generous boot space for my shopping bags and bicycle

2. 5-door. Basically I think a 3-door car is a "selfish" car as I never believed that such a car is meant to take passengers

3. Acceleration from 0-100km of not greater than 10 seconds. Further elaborations not required as those who have sat in my Honda knows how I can be a "speedmonster" at times (only bad drivers need this so as to be ahead of traffic after stopping at each traffic junction. I find this particularly useful when I need to do a lane switch)

Despite all the above, I find the mini cooper extremely attractive. I have the first taste of how it felt to "buy" a classic luxurious model (I consider Benz & BMW to be in a similar league). No need to ask if it comes with leather seat (actually needless to ask, it would be a shame if such expensive car doesn't come with such fittings), no need to consider if it has a mp3 or CD changer and fuel consumption is of the least priority. If you like how a mini looks, the rest are just secondary.

And now for the million dollar question (er... maybe not quite a million but only $100k in relativity), am I going to get it? Let's dwell on it for a little longer as it has not yet pass my "affordability test". I think it is good to have unfulfilled desires in life so at least for me there is something to look forward to for the moment.

So until the decision is made, I shall not award a "疯狂指数" to this.

Friday, 3 August 2007

Cowboy turns 5 on 3 August 2007!

Cowboy is 5! Look how happy he is!
Look at the snacks and toys he have got!

Cowboy loves cheese cake.
Digging into the cake like there is no tomorrow

Contented and deserting the cake

Afghan love versus Anguish of the South Koreans

I have been reading articles on the papers lately regarding the South Koreans who were held hostage by the Taleban in Afghanistan since 19 July.

The party of 23 South Koreans was a Christian missionary group travelling in Afghanistan to carry out aid work. Since being captured, 2 of them were killed, including a Pastor, whose body was found to be "bullet riddled".

The US television released on TV last week, an "interview" with one of the hostages, former nurse, Yim Hyun Joo, 32. She pleaded for help saying that, "We are in a very difficult time. Please help us…….Really, we beg you".

The one article that almost brought me down to tears was how Ms Yim’s brother recounted that she insisted on joining the medical aid group to travel to Afghanistan 3 years ago, despite her parents’ objections. She gave her entire savings of almost S$50,000 to her parents before she left for Afghan, as if she had expected that there could be no return. Her brother said, "I hope the Taleban understand that the volunteers truly love Afghanistan". Gosh, I can really cry at this….Imagine being hurt by what you love most, it is like your favourite child stabbed you in your heart!

The objective of the kidnap was to hold the Koreans as hostages in order for the Taleban to negotiate the release of 23 Taleban prisoners. The Taleban have threatened to kill the hostages if their demand is not acceded. Right now, the South Korean leaders are appealing to the US to step in to help. "We ask the US to make a one-time humanitarian action. It would not be a violation of political principles." Hmm… a "one-time humanitarian action"; how many "one-time" can the world tolerate?

You might think that I must have a heart made of stone to say this, but I think it is the harsh truth that none of us are willing to face. We all know that we should not condone terrorism and by agreeing to release the Taleban prisoners, it is like telling the world that violence and threats are the solutions to issues. Therefore, as most would agree, releasing the prisoners would naturally be a wrong thing to do. Yet, none of us dare say the reverse, that sacrificing the Korean hostages to preserve righteous is correct. But tben again, we are hoping that someone else will say it, someone else will become the scapegoat whom we can all blame for being unsympathetic. For some strange reason, we are all looking to the US for giving the answer of "no".

The world is really a messy place. Everyday, crazy things are happening. At times like this, I can't help but feel confused and helpless. There is nothing more that I can do than merely to pretend to be indifferent to all the madness. Day after day, time after time, maybe one day my heart will eventually stop feeling the pain.