Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Happy Birthday, Orion!

There was a time while you were gone,
A decade or so which seemed so long,
When friends like us nearly forgot,
The face of that guy living by a delayed clock.

I have no question it is the work of fate,
That turns strangers into friends in unexpected ways,
That bind hearts together with impeccable faith,
To survive the test of time and when distance separates.

Year after year we celebrate this special day,
Sometimes early, sometimes late :-P
As the colour candles turn fewer but longer,
As friends travel further but become dearer,
I know the good old days are lost in the years.
But what lies ahead are memories we will treasure,
More than the late night poker games on MSN,
More than the emails from lboro.uk.

And although you are far away from home today,
I will sing you this song all the same:
"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you....."

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