Sunday, 12 April 2009


At times I made sacrifices, for what is believed to be of common good.
At times I let myself be manipulated, because I was too weak to fight.
Why then do I regret, when I have chosen the compromises?

My expectations may be suffocating but are not meant to be weapons.
My disparagement may be cruel but is reserved only for incompetence.
Why do I sense fear and hurt, when they are only words of well intentions?

It may seem that I have blind-folded my eyes and sunk into oblivion.
It may seem that I have masked my heart and rule with impassiveness.
Why is it wrong to keep a distance, when it is only my incapacities that I am trying to avoid?

Visions have reduced to visibility.
Dreams are contorted into reality.
I am not the person I set out to be.

I have become lesser... even though I am now in conformity.

It is not the end of the world.

Only lacking a purpose.

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