Monday, 2 November 2009

Tokyo shopping

I guess I felt I have suffered enough hardship on the trip so far, I took a "day off" (so did my SLR) and went shopping today.

At Shinjuku Station.

In any case, it has been raining in Tokyo for 2 days since my arrival. The miserable cold and wet weather dampens all my enthusiasm for sightseeing. It is the best time to enjoy some warmth and comfort provided by Takashimaya in courtesy.

Takashimaya Square.

Food streets in departmental stores never fail to fascinate me.

As a Kino fan, I was searching at Takashimaya Square for the Kinokuniya Bookshop to pay my pilgrimage. I followed the signs and look what I found! Bookshop turned out to be a supermarket.

Kinokuniya, selling fresh fruits, vegetables and other organic stuff.

Now, this is more like it: The 7 storey Kinokuniya Bookshop. The building looks huge and mighty; can't say the same about the collection of English books though. Also, the interior setting isn't quite as cozy as our store in Ngee Ann City.

Walkway connecting Takashimaya and Kinokuniya Bookshop. Gorgeous structure enhanced by great lighting.

Of course, I can't miss Bic Camera and Yodobashi, can I? It's rather "painful" shopping in megastores like these because there are so many varieties of everything and so spoilt for choices. And so many display sets of the same items, making them irresistible... almost! 7D, 7D, 7D... they are every where!

The really exciting thing is that I finally lay hands on my dream camera today! It weighs a ton (and cost a BOMB... an atomic bomb; worth more than my camera and all the lenses add up together). It is such a privilege to handle one of this camera, even though it's just a display set.

Bet you have not seen the new format "Bru Ray" haha... Japan is so advanced!

That's all for my shopping day. Didn't get many things because the strong Yen made shopping in Japan very expensive. Best buy for the day is a tie between:

Hello Kitty polaroid camera.

Limited edition CD(not available in SG) from Plastic Ono Band with a 1970 calendar.


*sheep said...

wow i would love to visit the kino there. So BIG!!!

Ling said...

Don't be deceived.