Friday, 1 January 2010

Fabulously 2010

How amazing another year has passed!

Exactly a year ago, a friend asked me how I would spend my new year eve. At that time I was feeling rather miserable and so, being cynical, I said I would sleep over it and hoped to wake up to a better world.

So it did! 2009 has been a good year. Although the great amount of pitera did help rebuilt my confidence, I attribute most credits to people around me who have made each day of my life special and meaningful; my tutee at the family centre, the children in Africa, my friends who constantly bring me laughters, my family who is ever so accepting.

In the last year, our economy is deeply troubled. Fortunately, we have all tided over the worst days safely and unscathed. For that, we must be thankful. My only regret is that some friends have loved ones who have fallen very sick during the year and no matter how sorry I feel, there is little I can do to ease their pain. I will pray harder this time.

As for my new year resolutions, they are to drive slower, eat healthier and exercise more. The basic rules to 长命百岁!

And the ritual continues... my 3 wishes for the new year:
1. That no one will wake up cold or hungry, live in fear or threaten by a steel muzzle.
2. Good health for my family and friends and their friends and family too.
3. An end to loneliness of all my single friends. Get hitch this year! May they find love.

Why 3? It is an auspicious number.

Wait.... I hear a sound. The foot steps of happiness is resonating nearby. It is a brand new year with new hopes! Have a fabulous 2010!

Happy New Year!

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