Sunday, 17 August 2008

Bake a cake

One night when I was sleeping, the aircon went off. I later learnt that it has ran out of gas. Hmm... brand new aircon... why?

To pre-empt similar incidents from happening, I have decided to test out all my new built-in appliances.

The oven.

To ensure that the oven is working, I have to bake something in it. Uh uh, pre-heating it alone won't be enough; somehow things always break down when you are really using it.

I have chosen to make my favourite cake, the Blackforest.

Not bad looking, but taste horrible haha!

Now that I have finished with the baking and washing, I know why my last bake was more than 5 years ago. Simply way too much hassle to do this. For a person who dislikes cooking and don't fancy sweet stuff... who am I making this for?

Anyway, the objective has been achieved. The oven is working just well and fine.

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