Sunday, 3 August 2008

Happy Birthday to Cowboy!

It seems like yesterday when I blew out the candle on Cowboy's 5th birthday cake. Today he turns 6.

I still remember the first day he came to me... a puppy only slightly bigger than my palm. It was easy to bathe him as he could fit in the wash basin. So small and frail back then he was, but now strong and healthy. I have enjoyed every minute watching him grow up.

Cowboy ready for the party! Check out his new bunny look.

He was jolly and gay all morning; maybe he knew today is his special day.

Munching into his cheese cake, an all time favourite and licking his nose afterwards.

Now, isn't this a happy and contented look?

Still puppy-ish and as lovable as ever, even though he has entered mid-life in human equivalent age.

Happy birthday to Cowboy, my most loyal friend!


日刀口 said...

Happy birthday, Cowboy.... :)

*sheep said...

ooo i love the last picture of Cowboy. So sweet~