Saturday, 8 August 2009

Wry Neck

Recently, my happiness has been greatly comprised by a sore neck. At one point, my neck was so bad that swallowing saliva caused pain. The doctor calls it a "Wry Neck", which is a condition where "patient complains of neck pain and is unable to turn his head, usually holding it twisted to one side, with some spasm of the neck muscles..." Some form of rheumatism, he said. At this age, I am already having such ailment. Can't imagine when I become 50.

The muscle relaxant and paracetamol I was prescribed with became my daily essentials, like drugs are to an addict. What causes a wry neck? Probably bad sitting posture (crouching) and no proper neck support when I sleep. I was advised by the doctor not to sit long hours at the computer, but to walk around. Walk around to relax my neck muscle, not skive.

A healthy body is a pre-requisite to a healthy mind. So stay healthy!

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