Monday, 31 August 2009

Unlikely coincidence

I have always thought that life is a miracle. Some unique DNA hidden inside trillions of cells, a seemingly ordinary body made up of flesh and blood, resulting in a living organism so complex as the human beings.

Fate is probably the only thing more inconceivable than life itself. Consider the odds of 2 people meeting at a precise place and time amongst 6 billion others. If this is not a miracle, I cannot think of how else to explain it.

I have probably been watching too many drama series lately, so pardon me if I have to get to my point in this manner. A common theme prevails in all of them: whether or not to pursue a relationship that will not blossom. In one, he had cancer. In another, it was extra marital affairs. Finally, there was a relationship that developed from misunderstandings. 2 out of the 3 have good endings. It seems nonsensical to try to reason story lines of drama series but they are intriguing enough to set me thinking about how we handle our relationships in real life.

Why do people conclude that relationships will not blossom before they even began? I guess it is because we are sub-consciously calculating the risks and rewards when engaging with another person. I remember that in our younger days, developing a relationship (of any kind) was much easier. Perhaps, our minds were purer and we knew less of malice. We opened our hearts freely, but not so anymore. As we grew up, everything became tainted. Now we know all about rejections and fear of being hurt. I do not know why we become irresponsible towards relationships, how we have learnt to be insincere and worst of all, let ourselves harbour ill intentions against another. Gradually, we have no choice but to close our hearts and skepticism looms around every possible relationship instead… at least until we are fully convinced. But who knows how long that will take.

It is a real pity to rule out possibilities between people because of their preconceptions. Not forgetting what an unlikely coincidence it is for 2 people to cross paths, I feel that such opportunities should never be wasted. How I wished people could be truthful in exchanging their feelings, be brave to take the first steps, be able to see through deceptions, be spared of any negative consequences from being true to their hearts. Let there be no more second guessings... but in the end, we cannot fight reality, can we? So, do we continue to accept missed opportunities and live with regrets? It is your call really.

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