Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Dreams, a single syllable word with a myriad of meanings. It is impossible to restrict the definition of "dreams" to just one for they manifest into innumerable forms. Dreams... may be tall and may be humble; some are mercenary, some meritorious. If there are those who seek to possess, there will be others who choose detachment. Dreams are vivid, dreams are dull, dreams are enigmatic by nature.

I sometimes wonder if dreaming is exclusive to the young and restless. I have seen that dreams are more often reflected in a pair of glistering youthful eyes and less in that of a matured mind. Why? Simply because as people grow older, they tend to rationalise things within pragmatic constraints. Too much of that "cost-benefit analysis", too much emphasis on "what are there to lose" and when the odds are against them, they give up. Their dreams are reduced to an euphemistic dismissal that "the circumstances do not allow" and then they resign to live with regrets or worse, lamenting for the rest of their lives.

I am equally guilty of the above charges as anyone else. Recently, I confided in a friend about what I have hoped to do in the future and also my deliberations. My friend said to me to stop reasoning and start acting on my beliefs. To that statement, I can only agree half. It is true that an impulsive thrust is necessary in pursuing dreams; but beliefs, when unsupported by sound reasonings, may be merely wishful thinking. The practical side of me has this conviction.

Deep down in my heart, however, I know that my friend is right. I admit that sometimes I am just cowering behind my so called "rationale" because I am aversive of uncertainties and afraid to fail. The truth is, there isn't an ending without a beginning. My reasonings are tenuous... why should I be projecting failure before I even embark? I am not suggesting that dreaming alone is enough to fuel success. Dreams must be accompanied by laborious effort and toil and also because of this, the fruit of success will always be sweet.

Someone asked me once what would be a topic worthy of discussion as he had to prepare a speech to the teenagers in his alma mater. If there is a message that should be delivered to all the youths, it would be one for them to believe in their dreams. The power of dreams should never be under estimated. Not so long ago, man dreamt of being able to fly in the sky like the birds. So the Wright brothers invented airplane. Soon, man became more ambitious and wanted to conquer the moon. Neil Armstrong accomplished that in July 1969 and as he put his foot down on the lunar surface, he proclaimed "That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind". In another part of the world, the black people in South Africa could only imagine a country without apartheid half a century ago. They held on to their beliefs and after years of persistent struggles, they have Nelson Mandela who became their first democratically elected black president. Those were once ordinary people; the only difference is they dare to dream big.

We are all dreamers in some ways, whether we belong to the young or the older. It is never too late to start pursuing a dream because life offers us endless possibilities! In case all else should fail, turn to stars and pray for a miracle... like I always do.

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