Tuesday, 8 June 2010


It is the capricious nature of life that taught me the hardest lessons. Yet after all the years, I am not quite immune to sad events. I have felt an immense sense of loss following the demise of my dear friend's father. That it should happen so abruptly and at the most unexpected time makes it harder to bear.

Not so long ago, I watched the quiet gentleman in deep slumber at the hospital. There was nothing unusual about him on that day, and in fact on all other days when I visited. It was hence easy for me to imagine that he had merely wandered off to dreamland and will some day return. I prayed silently for a miracle each time I stood by his bed. Without contesting where the allegiance of my faith lies, I now know how much my prayers are worth. Close to bankruptcy I guess, for they were rarely answered. On the presumption that prayers would work, I spoke comforting words to my friend but now they only seem just too careless.

Perhaps I need not grief over the inevitable ending of all living beings. But it maybe an inborn tendency in humans to grief over the burden which we all have to carry throughout this journey. I am devoid of means to make things easier for my friend and on myself but I hope this will serve as a closure at least, to that irrevocable sense of loss in me.

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