Friday, 9 July 2010


I've asked myself many times which is my favourite Beatles song. But it is simply too hard to decide because the band has mostly marvellous pieces.

People often say that there is a Beatles song for every ocassion. It is true indeed. When your car is hit by a cowardly hit and run driver at the carpark, you tell yourself "Let it be". For my friends who have to work till wee hours at month end closing, I dedicate the song "8 Days a week" especially to them. Where to go for vacation? How about "Back in the USSR"? And on Saturday evenings while you wait impatiently in front of the radio for the 4D results to be announced, your heart is singing "Please Please me".

The Beatles at Cavern Club

Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Sir Paul McCartney

The Beatlemania on tour, that's about the closest I'll ever get to watching a live "Beatles" performance. 4 impersonating artists performed hit songs from The Beatles at the Esplanade Theatre tonight. Although they obviously lack the charms and charisma of the orignal Beatles members, they did their trade pretty well. Minus the personality aspects, The Beatles are still the greatest! Their songs move hearts, if not, at least the butts, as more than half the audience in Esplanade were on their feet by the end of the concert.

As I looked at footages from the 60s of fanatic Beatles fans on the screen, I began to wonder how it will be for me 20 years down the road, who will be the one standing beside me and if Mayday will still be performing my favourite songs... Perhaps I will no longer have the stamina to stand throughout a 3 hour concert, but you can count on it that I'll still be screaming!!!

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