Sunday, 25 July 2010

Dog sitter's diary

After weeks of jetsetting, I am glad to be home finally with no outstanding travelling commitments. While being homebound, I am entrusted with the task of being dog-sitter for a week. Dad and Mum have gone on vacation in Japan, and even sis is away in Europe. So it's just me and the dogs spending some one-on-one time together in the next few days.

With 2 dogs at home, it is like having a leaking faucet. Clearing their excretion becomes almost a full time job. On top of that is the preparation of gourmet meals of lamb and vegetables twice a day for the 2 connoisseurs. Plus brushing and grooming them, it is all the time I have in one evening.

At 7am, both dogs have hearty appetite.

Cowboy is obviously quite interested in the toasts.

As I watch the dogs doze off by the balcony while basking in the mild morning sun and light breeze, I am contented to have them in my company when my family is away. I am thankful that these creatures are created, for they are truly man's best friends.

Looking great after returning from the groomer's.


suat said...

Sounds very much like baby-sitting too!

Japan Travel-girl Tokyo Travel & Kyoto Travel said...

goodness.... they look alike.. Cowboy's twin!