Thursday, 31 July 2008

Alive, Kicking and Eating

I was reading some of the blog posts that I wrote while in Nagoya and thinking how wrong it was of me to complain about the meals being too big.

For the whole of this week, I could barely eat. Finally diagnosed to be suffering from bowel infection and on the road to recovery, I realised it is such good fortune to be able to eat properly. As I have been saying, "Good to be alive, kicking and eating!"

Porridge for 1 week to detox

They put me out of my misery.

Once, I could eat 2 slices of toast just within the time taken for the lift to travel from 6th to 1st floor. Now, I couldn't not even finish it as I drove from Jurong West to Jurong East. Eating slowly and chewing thoroughly is my strategy to avoid further stress on my stomach. Anyway, this is only temporary. As soon as I clear out the bacteria in my stomach, I should be ready for 麻辣锅!

My doctor in Jurong has relocated. The Japanese street below the medical centre has many restaurants with fascinating exterior decorations.

Would you be mistaken that you are in Japan?

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