Sunday, 30 November 2008

First ray of light - 30 Nov 2008

Whenever I watch a sunrise, I feel that life is rejuvenated. The first ray of sunlight brings hope that the day will be brand new and that we can make things possible, which were impossible yesterday.

At this time when the world has gone mad, I count it a blessing that I am "insulated" from all the madness and that I can sit back and watch how peaceful a day begins.

Let us not take for granted each sunrise, because, who knows, what will happen to us tomorrow. Let us all pray for world peace.

See more photos here!


*sheep said...

tts pretty true that the world has gone mad. in fact, i feel so sorry for the victims of the mumbai terrorism.

SSR said...

Very well-taken pictures! The little "sacrifice" is worth it!