Tuesday, 4 November 2008

The price for perfection

The flawless skin, one sharp pointed nose, a set of well defined eyes... and the perfect smile. We saw them on TV, read them in magazines, perhaps even encountered them on the streets. Ask the beautiful women who walked with poise and great confidence, what is the price for perfection?

4.5mil Korean won, that's the price for a perfect nose. If you pay by cash, you get 20% off the list price. Of course I wouldn't miss the chance to check out on plastic surgery while I was in Korea. That place is like the Mecca of cosmetic surgery!

For the whole of last week I was preparing for the day that I would visit a plastic surgery clinic in Seoul, thinking of what to say and planning my responses. More so I was worried that I would become too self-conscious when come face to face with someone so accustomed to perfection. Maybe he would think that I need a total overhaul.

Turned out that my worries were unfounded. As I stepped into the consultation room, I was put totally at ease by the doctor. He was good looking, extremely mild mannered and most importantly, not judging at all. So I thought I didn't have to prepare much for the dialogue because I would be relying on my colleague for translations. Bad move. Little did I know that doc spoke fairly good English and as he started spouting out English words, I got nervous... Oh no, which part of my face do I want to do?

I was asked what "makes me feel complex" (I think he meant inferiority complex). My instinct matched his question with an answer "Nothing". Wrong answer! I shouldn't be sitting there if I felt there is nothing wrong with me and I couldn't let him know that I was there only for some touristic fun. Somehow "maybe nose" (to make it smaller) came out of my mouth after pausing to think for a few seconds (gosh the silence was dreadful, as if my lies were about to be exposed!).

I was given a detailed run through of what needs to be done to fix my nose. It is a complicated process which requires my nasal bone to be partially flattened, flesh removed and then remove cartilage from a ear to create support for a new sharp pointed nose (like scarfolding haha!). As my nose is "not in such a good condition" (literally quoting doc), I was told that it could only become 20%-30% smaller after the surgery. So much pain for such small improvement... it doesn't make economical sense.

Unfortunately, plastic surgery is often associated with negative stigmas. But in fact, the skill and precision required in such procedures are as much as, if not more than the other types of medical surgery. After my visit to the plastic surgery clinic, I have absolute respect for doctors who are in this business. They are true professionals who are knowledgeable and skilled and I don't think they are less honourable than any medical doctors. So what's wrong with helping people gain confidence and fulfilling dreams? Even if it's a bimbotic dream.

For me, this was definitely a fun-filled and rewarding experience. I've learnt some techniques used in plastic surgery and understood the difference between fat injection and botox...haha big discovery! As a consolation, I was told that I don't need a facelift until 10-20 years later... listen only to the good things!

So, will I pay the price to be more perfect? Though I am no ravishing beauty, I am pretty happy with the way I look. And I am a chicken who wouldn't even dare to take a flu jab, do you think I will let someone break my nasal bone and cut off my flesh??? Not unless you tell me I will look like Angelina Jolie afterwards.

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*sheep said...

lol... good one. Angeline Jolie is the goal. But I'll need a fortune to do a major overhaul to become her. =(