Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Solar Eclipse on the way to Taipei

I was supposed to have better chances of seeing the eclipse as I was flying towards Taipei during the time when the solar eclipse was to occur. However, other than the short moments of "black-out" I experienced when I dozed off... it was bright and sunny all the way.

But that morning before I set off, the weather was horrible. At 6am, strong wind blew, as if a storm was brewing. After that, it rained heavily, even at the time my plane took off from Changi. I worried that it has got something to do with the bad omen on the day of an eclipse. I held on to the arm rest more tightly than usual.

Don't look down on me, just because I believe in the eclipse superstition... and avoid sitting at seat number 44 on the plane :-P

Even an ancient Greek man has more wisdom than I do. A fragment of a poem by a Greek poet/soldier, so accurately describes a total solar eclipse:

Nothing there is beyond hope,
Nothing that can be sworn impossible,
Nothing wonderful, since Zeus,
Father of the Olympians,
Made night from mid-day,
Hiding the light of the shining Sun,
And sore fear came upon men.

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