Tuesday, 28 July 2009


Someone said to me that I seem to have become wealthier. Have an apartment, own a car (ignoring the liabilities for a moment) and get to travel from time to time. It is true that I do feel weathly. Not so much because of the material items that I own but the opportunity and freedom to do all the things that I like. Perhaps having a decent job and stable income have a big part to play in this, but most importantly, it is having the right mindset and determination that allows me to live life exactly the way I wanted to.

Pursuing dreams is part an parcel of building worth in one's life and living it meaningfully. Although we each dream a different dream, they involve sacrifices all the same. I am lucky to have family and friends, and maybe even circumstances that are supportive of my pursuits. Therefore, I will not stand in the way of others who want to pursue dreams of their own.

As a result, I am now all alone in this house. Loneliness is not new to me and it is something I can endure. Material possessions may be hard to let go and family ties are just as important. But a dream come true is the priceless gift for those who are brave enough make sacrifices and take up new adventures.

So, good luck to the one on his way to the land of the rising sun!

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