Saturday, 10 October 2009

At the BBQ

The sky was overcast. There was light rain all morning and in the early afternoon. But that did not dampen my spirits. It was the day for the long awaited BBQ.

I knew it would be a busy Saturday but I gladly toiled and fussed over it. All my friends were coming; their kids too... a welcoming break from the peace and quiet which I usually prefer.

Fortunately, the weather held up. These days, the weather is irratic. But today, I was glad that the weather has temperaments of a woman.

The kids had fun at the pool. So did I.

Ethan attempting murder! He pushed Uncle Mike's head into the water.

Malcolm learning to count. How deep is the pool? 0.5m (counting his fingers).

Splish splash!

Pretty little girl (neighbour's kid) playing with bubbles.

Not out of focus. Auntie Ring just got distracted... I was bio-ing the hunks (on the deck chairs in the background)!

As Louise said it, 青梅竹马. Ashley and Ethan.

Sometimes, I admire my friends for the carefree ways they are bringing up their kids. The children were allowed to play on their own with minimal supervision. While the adults were busy preparing food or catching up with friends, the children were in a world of their own: running, chasing, bursting their balloons, hogging the playground slide, falling into swimming pool... But I think there is nothing wrong with this manner of upbringing. It cultivates free spirits in these children, which is essentially good because it makes them brave and prepares them for setbacks that they are bound to encounter later on in life.

The BBQ team worked hard for the night. Not forgetting to oblige to my requests to pose for photos for the blog!

Not an easy request. Pretending to be busy while keeping themselves stationery to accomodate the camera's slow shutter speed.

Food was carefully QC. Mr Heng smelling the sausage, as if he could figure out its "life story" through his nose.

Loads of food. There we have our favourite Johnny's secret recipe wings on the grill.

Food's delicious! Auntie Daphy would agree.

We also took this opportunity to celebrate 3 birthdays. However, Ethan insisted that he is only 4, not 5. There is nothing to be afraid of being 5; it's not like becoming 35!

The "Magic Mystical" birthday celebration.

Next time, I will remember to stock up Asahi dry for the alcoholics!

"Bring me a bottle of your best White". For the time being, it will be MILK for you Nevan.

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