Friday, 30 October 2009

Glutton in Osaka

A major highlight of this trip is FOOD!

If you think you can find takoyaki everywhere in Osaka, yes you are right! One of the cheap eats in Osaka, though I am not sure if the locals are really crazy about them as I see mostly tourists buying and eating them.

So many shops selling takoyaki. This one particularly well decorated!

Different prices at different stalls. This one selling at Yen 400 for 6. The one above at Yen 480. I think taste is somewhat positively co-related with price.

Also, not to be missed in Osaka is "Omuraisu" or Omelette Rice. It is said that the dish originated from this part of Japan.

The shop which "created" omuraisu in the 1920s, Hokkyokusei (北极星). Let's just call it Polaris.

A dish inspired by a regular guest of Polaris in the 20s, who used to place order for "omelette to be served with rice". That's my dinner: omelette rice with fried shrimps. A set like this cost Yen 1,060, including miso soup.

Yummy... egg skin is soft and every grain of rice is well flavoured.

And of course... OKONOMIYAKI! I would blame myself if I didn't have one this time.

Okonomiyaki, Kansai (Osaka) style. Cabbage and meat combined with batter made of flour, grated yam, egg and topped with Japanese dark sauce, mayonnaise and loads of bonito flakes. They are very good!

Yakisoba... so delicious! The best I have ever had!

I can "smell" the salad and meal supplement waiting for me back home.

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