Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Linkin Park in concert (13 Nov 2007)

"Up your volume by 3 notch." That's what I told people I met after I came out of Linkin Park's concert yesterday. For many hours I couldn't hear properly as I was almost deafen by the loud music from LP. They were great and it's incredible to watch them perform live!

Chester, lead singer. Great voice, lousy attitude. Haha... but he's still my favourite LP!

Oh Mike, oh my, looking great with his guitar. I love his rapping too.

Chester and Mike are my favourites.

The organiser of the concert suck big time though. Entrance to the stadium was not properly managed and there were little or no signage to indicate the directions. The queue was horrible (I think admission started too late) and fans were only fully admitted by 9pm, when the concert was scheduled to start at 8pm. Is that why the concert was so short?

It was the shortest concert I have ever been to, only lasted for 1.5 hours. By 10.30pm, LP was already done. And I couldn't believe they only sang 1 encore song (though it was my recent favourite, "Bleed it out" from Minutes to Midnight)!

In comparison, Mayday's concert was so much more value for money. They sang for 3 hours and there were 2 guest appearances (actually I rather not have them if the band can sing more songs). And fans of Mayday were civilised, unlike LP's who pushed and knocked others a lot.

Ok, ok, here's the mathematics. Mayday has 6 albums, LP has 3. That's why the concert time is reduced by half. Logical? Bull shit!

Linkin Park! Are they not cool?? Drool....

I am truly amazed that LP has so many fans here and many of them were so wild! They could sing to LP's every song and had the energy to jump all night... so very very high! Erm, but that also reminded me of myself several weeks ago when I was standing on the chair in Shanghai Stadium. No wonder at that time I kept feeling that the other fans around me were so "un-high". Actually that's how normal people would behave, I was the crazy one haha!

After yesterday, it is clear that I will be the most ardent fan only to Mayday, and LP, unfortunately, will always remain second.

Having said all that, I still think LP is a great band! They are less "angry" as compared to the other rock bands. That's what I love about them... come on, we are all civilised people, don't have to swear all the time.

P.S. Photos are downloaded from this website and not taken by me... don't you know you are not suppose to bring cameras into concerts? Flashes distract the performers! And respect IP please!

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