Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Manila, swiftly there and back

Was on a 3 day business trip to Manila.

Finally, I have found another city which I dislike, after Paris. I've never thought Philippines is so backward and most part of Manila is congested and messy. Probably only Makati city is somewhat close to what we have at home.

The only thing I have enjoyed during this trip is probably the journey flying into Manila.

Blue sky, fancy clouds, I love them!

There are 4,000 islands in this country. Here's a sneak peek.

The city looks so grey and congested

I stayed in a junior suite in Hotel Richmonde. It has everything I don't need, a big sitting area, toaster and microwave. And what I needed most, it did not have... the internet!

It is a strange hotel anyway. For some reason, the "Do not Disturb" light did not get switched off even after I pulled out my card key and cut the power supply! And for that reason, no one made my room for a day because I forgot to turn the D&D off when I left for work. I'm speechless....

See how "dark" the city is? You can barely see anything in this photo.

The same view from the hotel in the morning. Everything is so grey.

Glad to be home!

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