Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Goodbye 2007, Welcome 2008

In anticipation for the arrival of Year 2008, Shanghai Shoe and I planned a 2-day "celebration" to make this new year a memorable one. It will probably be the first and the only time that both of us will be spending new year's eve together in this city.

30 December 2007 Huang Pu Jiang River Cruise(浦江游览)

9.15pm: The temperature was 2dc. We hesitated a long time before we decided to go on the cruise. We knew that it will be even colder as we cruise along the river but we thought that if we suffer some hardship, the last days of 2007 will be forever memorable to us.

10.00pm (+/-): At this time, we were in the midst of the river cruise. Although we may look rather compose, it was in fact freezing cold! Behind us is Oriental Pearl, one of my favourite icon in Shanghai.

31 December 2007 The Bund(外滩)

4.30pm: Were strolling along HPJ in Lu Jia Zui (陆家嘴). We watched the sunset, the last in 2007. Just have to capture this beautiful and memorable moment.

10.00pm: We were back along HPJ, this time at The Bund side (Puxi). On this special day, we wanted a picture of us 2 with Oriental Pearl and The Bund as background. So we hired a photographer (only after checking which model of camera he is using) and that cost us Rmb8 per photo. Here is my other photo of Pudong... I like it's funky-ness, looks as if it is snowing.

11.30pm: In a bar at The Bund. Because it was New Year's eve, most restaurants were fully booked and bars impose expensive cover charges (Rmb850 - Rmb1,000). We found a cheap bar which cost only Rmb100 for the entrance ticket and that comes with a glass of sparkling wine as well as some party stuff (party popper confetti, mask, devil's horns and lucky draw).

1 January 2008 Happy New Year

12.00am: 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1... Happy New Year! We popped the party popper and watched the fireworks. The Oriental Pearl still looks ever so beautiful.

After the countdown, I performed a simple ritual of making my new wishes for Year 2008. Today, we reset all the past and start afresh. I hope these wishes will all come true.

Confetti flying around and even dropped into my Margarita.

12.45am: The dancing began, and it's time for us to go home.

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Happy 2008!!!

oh, I love the night scene at Shanghai the best~