Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Just for laughs

There are too many funny episodes happening around us all the time. Sometimes, it just takes a clear head combined with a little sense of humour to identify them.

I came across these during the course of my work. When I first read them, I stared at the computer screen and laughed out loud!

Just for laughs, hope they'll break some of your mid-week blues.

(1) Dresscode at the Embassy of the Philippines

Visitors are requested to come appropriately attired. The Embassy will not allow entry to skimpily attired and barefoot people or those wearing the following who are deemed to be inappropriately attired:

  • Shorts with cuts of more than three (3) inches above the knee;
  • Slippers;
  • Mini-skirts with cut of more than three (3) inches above the knee;
  • Underwears (briefs, panties, bras, boxer shorts, kamiseta) ; (honestly, have you ever seen anyone walking in the streets dressed in only underwears???)
  • Shirts/blouses with plunging necklines;
  • Shirts/blouses that intentionally show the belly button/navel;
  • Pants/shorts with very low waistlines that reveal portions of private parts such as the buttocks (and...??);
  • Transparent shirts and pants that show undergarments (they obviously have something against underwears)

Link to the Embassy's website

(2) The Shakesperean Art of Writing

I recently reviewed some of our company's procedures and wrote a report on my findings and recommendations. Here's a response from my counterpart on one of my points:

"The description formulates the exact devil in our operation completely. But the recommendation provided should lead to tragedy from the stock clearance and wastage point of view."

My gosh, this is so Shakesperean. My counterpart must be a poet!

Anyway, I felt really sorry... for causing a tragedy....

All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
~ William Shakespeare, As you like it

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