Saturday, 26 January 2008

Weird Travel

Travelling is great because you get to see new and interesting things all the time. And travel photography can be really fun too, especially when you find some unexpected shots after coming home.

Here's the top 5 weird photos from my recent trips.

#5 Hotel Ring (Tokyo, Japan)

Bet you didn't know I own a hotel...

#4 The Beatles comes alive! (Tokyo, Japan)

Fancy meeting The Beatles in Tokyo. Introducing... Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band! But Lennon didn't look any bit like himself, I think they forgot his glasses!

#3 Retro (Xining, China)

Can this pass for an old photo from my mother's album? The aunty's hairstyle is soooo retro!

#2 Spooky (Golmoud, Tibet)

See the transparent image in front of the train (enlarge photo to see it better). Was it a ghost?

#1 A tale of the Human Dumpling. Rare! (Lhasa, Tibet)

Haha! That's me alright, bloated like a dumpling (blame the photographer). The weirdest of all.

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Anonymous said...

ssr: Re spooky pic, could it be attributed to the movement? Too fast?