Thursday, 6 March 2008

Vienna Day 3 : Nothing but work

I like to show you my hotel rooms, so that you know if I have been treated like a queen or is putting up at some shabby quarters. These days, hotels have many creative themes, just like the one I am staying in Vienna… Roomz Hotel.

The rooms have different colour scheme; brown, pink, blue and of course green (colour of summer, just right for me).

Everything is green… door, curtains, bed headboard, toilet shelves.

See, my personalised TV screen!

This is supposed to be a budget hotel. No mini-bar, no kettle or cup. And no door to the bathroom! It is so cold to take a shower at night; ok I am exaggerating, but I’d rather they kept the door.

Tomorrow is the last day of my training. I am the youngest participant in this meeting and the least attentive one. Haha, my mind has been roaming the streets of Stephanplatz). Anyway, I will be going to Danau River on Friday and maybe a Mozart & Strauss concert in the evening. Yippee!


Anonymous said...

I like reading ur blog.. esp e travelling part... how's little cowboy lately? still as slack as b4? :p

Ling said...

Cowboy is getting old... and fat unfortunately haha!