Saturday, 8 March 2008

Vienna Day 5-6: Danube, Demel and I am Done!

It is a cold morning in Vienna and I am due for home today. My bags are almost packed, except for some odd items lying on the bed, which seem to fit into no where.

It is often hard to describe moments like this. On one hand, the fatigue from traveling and the inconvenience of living out of a suitcase have got me looking forward to the home bound trip; on the other hand, it is difficult to say goodbye and leave all these beauty behind.

Upper Belverdere, palace compound of Prince Eugene

Lower Belverdere, residential palace of Prince Eugene

Yesterday was meant for the Danube river cruise. However, due to my carelessness, we missed both timing of the cruise for the day and could do nothing but watch the river flow.

Actually I don’t think we missed much because the Danube looks plain in Vienna city. It is in the valley that the river would look most beautiful, accompany by magnificent mountains in the backdrop.

I walked a long time along the Danube. It was quiet, so quiet that sometimes the ears hurt, like that you would feel in a vacuum. So the world was created silent, until man introduced sound: music, laughter, gunshots…

A walk down the Danube is a great way to enjoy a leisure afternoon. So many little things are happening: dogs chasing the birds, swans flaunting their beautiful white feathers, mandarin ducks swimming in pairs.

After being disappointed with missing the cruise, how else is it better to boost up spirits than to indulge in chocolate and sweets?

Never travel with a China man... he always appeared in my photos at the most inappropriate places.

Café Demel, founded in 1848 by the court confectioner. The hot chocolate is wooooooo……fit for royalty!

Classic set up, with chandelier

Even the toilet sign is made of marzipan.

Joke #2: At the Belverde

Oh no! The palace is closed!

When there is a will, there is a way...

Before I go, here are some wise words...

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