Monday, 26 January 2009


This is probably the only day in a year when it is legitimate to stay up all night. According to Chinese tradition, 守岁 or the act of staying up on lunar new year's eve,will accumulate good fortune which adds to longevity for elders in the family .

However, I am finding it extremely hard to stay awake after a heavy dinner and under the influence of alcohol.

Though this year is one in which we should exercise prudent, no expenses have been spared in the preparation of this reunion dinner. The food on the table is double the amount and variety from last year, as if recession is someone else's problem. And of course the leftovers are "abundant", which, in any case is auspicious in Chinese customs. However, it also means that we will be strugglng with leftover food for the next 3 days.

All dressed up for the occassion!

The year of the Ox reminds me to work hard and be down to earth. 脚踏实地, with that, we would be able to tide over any crisis.

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