Saturday, 23 May 2009

Shanghai... not so Déjà vu

The SARS outbreak in 2003 must have left a deep scar with the Chinese. That explains some drastic measures they have taken so far against the AH1N1 influenza.

Upon arrival in Shanghai Pudong airport, we were not allowed to disembark right away. A group of quarantine officers came on board the aircraft and pointed a pistol-like gadget on our foreheads to meaure our body temperatures.

Seeing the officers in protective suit made me feel like a disease.

After a year, Shanghai seemed to have undergone many changes. It didn't feel the same like last time... at least I thought it became more congested and polluted.

In preparation for the Shanghai Expo 2010, the whole city is undergoing restoration and construction. My favourite segment of the walkway along Huang Pu River at The Bund is temporarily closed for some construction work. I am a little sad to see The Bund in such a sorry state and maybe it will never return to how I have always liked it.

But some things don't change, like the Glamour Bar. Still offers a spectacular view of Pudong!

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