Monday, 25 May 2009

The sweetest pear is from Dongguan

I must admit that I have been feeling a little down. Partly due to the super hectic travelling schedule the whole of last week; shuffling between airports, barely sleeping enough and having dinner till late each evening. Exhaustion has made me an easy target of loneliness... I so wanted to go home since last Friday. Thank goodness there is only 1 more day left to go.

I did not expect this but the sweetest thing on this trip happened here in Dongguan! I returned to my hotel room this evening (late as usual) and found a hand written note left behind by my housekeeper. It reads like this:


Such a small gesture but means so much to me, just as I thought no one remembered to care for a lonely soul who is far away from home.

It's great to have a view of Tokyo Tower out of the hotel room window and have way too many toiletries and amentities to pamper myself with; but it is the little warm thought which does not come with a price tag that makes the experience an extraordinary one!

The sweetest pear is found in Dongguan.

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