Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Tokyo Ablazed

You can be easily impressed by many things in Tokyo. Afterall, they have the newest of the new (technology) and the oldest of the old (people).

For me, however, it is the lights that left a great impression.

The first time I visited Tokyo, I was amazed how brightly the city "glowed" in the night. I could see Tokyo ablazed, long after my plane took off from Narita Airport. Few years later today, my feeling has not changed.

Walking along Ginza, it may be difficult to tell night from day. Spotlights shining on advertisment billboards, neon-light signages flickering to unsyncrhonised tempos, brightly lit window displays of branded boutiques, attracting the attention of the rich and poor alike. All so glamorous and surreal, like on a stage. Life is fundamentally delusive, or is it not?

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