Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Travel miscellaneous - SG to Tokyo

Hmm... don't feel quite so perky this moment. It has been a long and exhausting day.

The flight to Tokyo was unpleasant. A toddler was crying and screaming 5 out of 7 hours of the flight time, while her dad remained indifferent and was reading his novel. I wonder if these parents are those who inspired the loansharks. Punish thy neighbours, the new approach.

Hey you there! Working or skiving? I've got you on camera.

This morning, an Indian lady asked me if the toilet paper was chargeable in the airport's restroom. Do we really have such a bad reputation? We may have been described as a "Fine City", and some will say we "Pay And Pay"... but charging for toilet paper? Don't be ridiculous! Looks like the Singapore OK campaign hasn't won enough recognition from the public.

At least I get a view of Tokyo Tower from the hotel room.

1 comment:

*sheep said...

wah why not?

the toilet paper at my kopitiam at the market hor is chargeable. maybe that's why she asked. LOL.