Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Older and Wiser

They say that becoming 1 year older means being wiser. That's why my colleagues gave me a "high key" celebration, singing the birthday song loud and clear... twice in fact. I'd wish to believe that growing older is indeed such a good thing, but everytime I feel the backaches... I could hardly be convinced.

At this age, there is nothing so exciting about birthdays. It is even a little dreadful. I received my first birthday greeting on 1 Jun from some vendors. One whole month of celebration seemed great! Not exactly. It also prolonged my anxiety, as if a clock is ticking each day, towards the day that I would aged. Imagine that feeling I felt for a month.

I woke up this morning, determined that it has to get on like any normal day. But how could it ever be? I am touched by the many people who put in so much thoughts and preparation in advance to make sure that I would have a good day.

Nevertheless, I am glad it's over. Just thankful that I have had another good year.

My birthday cake, with faces of my precious all over.

Someone just can't wait.

Face smudged with cream.

By the way, how old am I? Count the number of candles on the cake hehe...

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