Monday, 15 June 2009

Updating contact list

I have a new sleek looking mobile handset. By the sale person's standard, it is not a very saleable model and has been launched for over a year now. Doesn't matter to me anyway, I am out of fashion most of the time.

Each time I have a new phone, my contact list will be shortened. It is usually then that I will do a housekeeping of my phone book. There are those who have been deleted because we are no longer in contact; some whom I wondered why I had their numbers in the first place. Others, I just couldn't wait to get them off the memory... in fact, I wished our paths have never crossed.

There are a couple of numbers I have not used since 1999. Nevertheless, I kept them, with hopes that one day I will see those numbers flashing on my screen once more. Another one I tried calling the other day but was reciprocated with an automated message that the number I have dialed is incorrect. I left it as it is, perhaps of nostalgia or maybe I just cannot imagine not having this name listed in my phone book.

The funny thing about technology is that it brings us advancement but at the same time deterrioration. Once upon a time, I could remember the phone numbers of all my friends but these days, I could even forget my home number. With all the gadgets and platforms that are now available, we are more accessible to one another but then it seems like we have become more distant. It is strange that people could talk like old friends but never know how each other looked or sounded like. Such "virtual relationship" is very hard to define and may even be a little bizarre to imagine it could be satisfying.

I still believe that some things are best done in the old fashioned way. Like a firm handshake, a voice saying "hello" or a giggle and a big broad smile... they are irreplaceable, not even with fancy animated emoticons.

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