Saturday, 5 September 2009

Bizarre memory

I have a bizarre memory relating to this song.

Many years ago, it was so long ago that I have forgotten which year it was, a guy confessed in me. He was in love with a woman, but the trouble was, he was married to another.

I did what a loyal friend would do... I listened. Listened to his happiness, his anguish, his guilt and confusion. It seemed that he knew he should not carry on an illegitimate relationship, but was unable to stop.

The radio played this song and we were silent. He dropped his head down and kept his hands busy, pretending to be engaged with something which I cannot remember what. Maybe he was avoiding further conversation. I took one glance at him, afraid that he would look back because I would then be lost for words to say. The air was so tensed, nearly suffocating. I sensed the emotional turbulence going through in his heart and at that very moment, it was as if I could feel every inch of the pain that he felt. That man was helplessness in a tangible form.

I told him to follow his heart. Now that I look back, it was one lousy advice to give. Moral value wise, I scored zero. It was better that I had said nothing, for who am I to comment about matters of heart? And men, they are strange creatures to start off with. They have so many desires but carelessly have little to give in return. Their world is in a constant state of impermanence; so fickle and mutable are their characteristics. No offense guys, I just don't understand. Yet, I have willingly fallen victim to you.

The last I heard, he was expecting a baby with his wife. Whether he has sort out his thoughts or is merely submitting to reality, I do not know. Whichever the case, I hope he is happy now. That is what choices in life should be based on.


我想你 想你 好想你

我想你 想你 好想你

可有 我姓名

只会 只会 思念你

爱你 爱你 爱着你

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