Thursday, 17 September 2009


He stood solemnly amidst the competing skyscrappers. He observed the changes and awed at how much the city has grown.

The shadows of the past still linger on; as if those from the yester years, like himself, too have found a foothold in the present.

But the once bustling quay side is now without a single soul. The bumboats have long departed, leaving behind a quiet serenity... so clear and still like a mirror, reflecting the past and the present concurrently.

Could he have imagined a city sophisticated by day and stunning by night?

He would have loved an intoxicating evening enwrapped by arts and music, no doubt about that.

These changes, welcoming or not, are inevitable. The process is continuous, like a flow of lights without a destination. Time and tide wait for no man.

Yet the colonial past will never be fully erased. It has injected uniqueness into this place, blended in with modernity to perfection.

And we will rise further, shine brighter. It is what this place is about, where the creation of a new life never stops...


naveen said...

nice images i like it , keep it up , mail me so that i can visit ur blog for new posts

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