Thursday, 28 February 2008

Entering the twilight

There was once when I could have never imagined that other than an air-stewardess, there would be people like me who are jet setting to places, almost just as frequently. I also did not realise that the world is not quite so big, until I saw seasons changed, from summer to winter, only within hours of flight time. As a child, the world seemed to have endless possibilities, but now, nothing more than a playground of the feeble mankind.

Tomorrow, I will wake up in an unfamiliar city. I always felt strange about this, as if I have entered the twilight, and that dusk and dawn are confused. Not to mention that tomorrow is February 29.

For a day or 2, I will miss seeing you in my future and you will leave me behind in your past. The greenwich mean time separates us by just "7" because you are ahead of time.

So it's goodbye for now, as I drift away... not into the sea but above the clouds. And when you think of me, just hum "Eine Kleine Nacht". Then we will reunite.

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