Saturday, 23 February 2008

A walk down memory lane, the National Stadium

The Singapore National Stadium has earned a page in our history. Opened in July 1973 with a seating capacity of up to 60,000 people, it was once the venue where major sports affairs, national events and entertainment performances were held. Did you know that Billy Joe, Elton John, Mariah Carey and Michael Jackson held their concerts here? Wow! And even the Pope John Paul II conducted a public mass here in 1986. What glorious track records!

Not forgetting our most important national event, the National Day Parade. It was held in this stadium for 18 times.

As it is in life, histories are not just filled with glamour. In 1977, a mass stampede occured during the Malaysian Cup and 1 man died (of heart attack), with 44 others left injured.

I remembered very little about being at the National Stadium. The only time that I was there as a adult was in Secondary 4, when my school was involved in one of the Youth Festival mass display item. I didn't remember the National Stadium was so rundown, even though my memories were faint. Of course that was many years back! But today, what's left behind are only worned out tracks and dirty chairs; the whole place looks deserted.

Even the city skyline has changed a fair bit. The new condominiums, modern skyscrappers and our latest addition, the Singapore Flyer are now visible from National Stadium.

With the National Stadium's official closure on 30 Jun 2007, it opens up a new chapter in our nation's brief sports history. In it's place, the new Singapore Sports Hub will be built. In 2010, we can once again celebrate the birth of a magnificent new structure. And also just in time for the 1st Youth Olympics that we have recently won the hosting rights. Here's a sneak peak into the "cool dome" design of our new sports hub.

(Source: CNA website)

It was a meaningful day to make a trip down to National Stadium this morning, to collect some memories of our country's first stadium. At the same time, also for a great game of soccer (without the ball and the players hahaha...)

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