Thursday, 21 February 2008

Ready... Action... NG!

After I have compiled an almost perfect photo album for our inaugural flight on the Singapore Flyer, my colleagues and I were thinking of what to do with the 2 remaining pages in the album.

Right, an ingenious one suggested some NG photos. My god, they are embarrassing! Being the "editor" of the album, of course I could have spared myself from any disgrace; but that wouldn't be fair, would it? As the Chinese saying goes, 有福同享,有难同当 (sharing riches and woes together)。。。有脸一起丢!

I still can't believe I am posting these. I have just made fun of myself and my colleagues, also my boss and my boss's boss's wife! Oops... Hope you have a good laugh though.

Life's never perfect, as are these photos.

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