Wednesday, 20 February 2008


I never realised that I am mildly claustropobic until as an adult, when friends described those symptoms to me.

That explains why as a kid, I barely survived the tunnel at the playground because I would be busy catching my breath at every ventilation outlet, while other kids pushed me from behind to hurry me to continue; and also why I felt frightened when I was inside a maze and became hysterical when I found the exit, as if I was Colombus who discovered America.

I didn't have much difficulties with lifts, probably because I am accustomed to them since a young age; except that I always look out for the cleanest spot inside, where I can sit down and rest if I ever get trapped. As a matter of fact I still do that today. The invention of mobile phones helped to relieve some of my anxieties riding in lifts, although signals may not always be available.... I make it a habit to check for phone signals in those lifts that I frequency ride.

And the underpasses, I never quite like those. The echoes of people talking and the amplified sound of footsteps misrepresented the number of people inside "the cave", as if there were twice as many. I don't know what comes into your mind when you think of an underpass, but for me, there are only 3 words: Congestion, Compression and Collapse.

Strangely, I do not have problems with trains or train tunnels, though I cannot say the same about driving through an underground tunnel. CTE tunnel... my nightmare, irregardless of how many times I have been through it! When I am inside, I felt like daylight is lost forever and the dark tunnel will continue indefinitely... For a second (just 1 split second), the world's end seems to have come. I am being dramatic? That's why I say I am claustrophobic!

And do you know the movie "Daylight" starring Stalone?? I watch it everytime it's shown on TV.


Are those weeds that I am seeing everywhere around this blog? Clearing, clearing, clearing....

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