Monday, 13 October 2008

Excuse me, but I need to tell you the truth

I think I'll have to spend forever to learn, how to tell a friend the truth without reservations.

Many times I have thought my friends were making the wrong decisions. However, despite my struggles, I chose to not say a word. I often asked myself if I have failed my duty as a friend, especially when those decisions led to catasrophes in the end. Would things have turned out differently if I had spoken my thoughts? Maybe not.

I had a great way of getting away with my silent indifference, that is I respect my friends and thus their choices and decisions. Saying that I have confidence in them when I have none in my words - is that hypocrisy or cowardice? I am merely a coward trying to avoid confrontations.

Differences in opinions are often the root cause of conflicts, arguments and maybe war in the most extreme sense. Take Pedra Branca for example, they think it's theirs, we think it's ours... nothing more than differences in judgement and interpretation. And who's telling the truth, who's a liar? Vote for the Republican or the Democrat? I don't have the faintest idea. It may be politics, but is also a mind game, convincing you and I to take sides.

The frienship band was a popular item during our teenage days. If you remember how it was made, by making many knots on strings, this colourful embellishment which we wore around the wrist is strong and durable, like how real friendships are meant to be. In a way, my friends, those years that have passed and moments which we have shared, are like the little knots we tied on the strings. Surely, it can endure some careless words and inconsiderate actions. And more importantly, the truth... even when truth hurts sometimes.

I often gazed into the dark sky, hoping to see a shooting star. Millions of shooting stars occur each day, but because of our limited view of the sky (I understand we see only 0.005 percent of the sky), we would have the chance to see only about a dozen per hour. Don't need a genius to calculate how much we have missed because of this natural limitation.

Same applies in life. Amongst the 6 billion in this world, our paths crossed. It is the amazing work of fate no doubt. Friends are hard to come by, more so those whom we have spent a quarter our lifetime with. Perhaps we should not let the "limited space" in our hearts to cause us to lose a few... because these guys are hard to find, much harder than to sight a shooting star.

Food for thought: Speak the truth with a little bit of diplomacy, and never with an empty stomach :-P

My view of the beautiful night sky tonight, full moon. 月圆人团圆。

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*sheep said...

hmm... let's start with defining friendship.