Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Seoul, so?

He must hate it everytime he sees me lug the suitcase out from our storeroom. Just like I hate the fact that there are always one too many thing to pack.

Last time, he left his toy inside my luggage. This time, he tried to pack himself into it.

He stepped onto my suits!

Reality check. Eh eh, you're never going to fit in.

I have lost the ability to decipher information from the weather forecast. The temperature fluctuations from day to day are so confusing that I have decided to pack for 2 seasons just in case.

I feel a little uneasy about this trip, but on the other hand, glad that I will be spending some time away from home. I guess we all need a "vacation" from one another occassionally.

Going to miss my forest,
Miss my monkeys,
Miss my dog.

Also going to get some advice on how to carry such a thick stack of notes on a day to day basis. My wallet's going explode!

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