Saturday, 4 October 2008

From that September morning onwards...

Years ago on one September morning, I came to Cross Street with nothing more than a bachelor degree, thinking that I would make a short stint there of not more than 3 years.

I ended up staying on much longer than I expected, 3 years short of a decade in fact.

Little did I know on that September morning that the years ahead would consist of many life changing experiences. Some of my happiest and most devastating times were spent at Cross Street. From there, I've built a career, made a bunch of friends and accumulated a wealth of memories.

Memories are like wine. As they aged, they become sweeter. I have finally unpacked the bag of stuff I brought home from Cross Street a year ago. The little things in this bag tell so many stories, I wondered why I have left them unattended in a corner for so long...

How many of these can you recognise?

2003 - 2006. Hamtaro and Timothy Seah (missing here) were the wardens of 女人街who ferociously guarded our workstations against intruders.

Birthday in Blue 2003. Trying to pose with poker faces... but none was successful.

2003 at our favourite steamboat place. We were almost 20 men & women strong back then. (Note the alien dog and Shoe peeping at Cowboy)

2004. People were crazy about William Hung. Our favourite pastime at the ailing construction company in IBP was watching video clips of Hung and mimicking his moves. I had the lyrics of the song stuck at SSR's workstation for the longest time!

Trans Siberia 2005. Travelling for 23 days with over 100 hours on trains. From St Petersburg to Moscow to Siberia to Mongolia and then Beijing. St Basil Cathedral, Lenin, Lake Baikal, grassland in Mongolia, Great Wall of China... an unforgetable vacation in short, with marvellous companions.

2005 GEM award. Sometimes going the extra mile means keeping mum and doing nothing. Received after being ruthlessly blasted by a client for no reason whatsoever. Fortunately my boss was there to witness it all.

2006. These pens commerate the many nights I spent at SGX Centre. Night after night I had takeout for dinner. Never once we ate at LPS cos I never saw the satay stalls open as I was working hours longer than the satay vendors.

There we have it! The first baby in our group. K was borned on 11 July 2006. His 1 month old gift box.

2006. Notes from Dahan and SSR from their "visits" to my cube. Dahan wrote this on my memo pad when I first got them after turning "M". SSR left her "trail" when she visited office on a weekend during her maternity leave.

Christmas 2005 - 2006. I still haven't found out who was the Mystery K who got me the hand cream for gift exchange.

2004 - 2007. Witnessed so many sweet unions and happy moments.

Time flies, places change, people come and go. Someone once told me that the only thing constant in life is change. I may not be able to stop the clock from ticking, maybe I can't keep a person who has his mind set on leaving, but I can seal every memory... from that September morning onwards.


SSR said...

You unlocked a big box of memories! Very very memorable indeed....

kanning said...

yah.. I miss those moments too..

Happy Hippo said...

those were the moments....