Wednesday, 29 October 2008

From SG to Incheon

Even after a thousand times, some drills have to be repeated faithfully the same way.

Fasten the seat belt, rearrange blanket and pillow, know your Captain's name, revise safety video, and wait... taxi... then the aircraft picks up speed, the metal wings flap. As the wheels remove themselves from the ground, my heart skips a beat.

The tragic accident of SQ6, which hit obstacles on the runway in Taipei CKS airport during take-off, is still fresh in my mind (a lot of people will remember this because it is the first fatal accident involving a SQ flight). Who knows this could happen to me today and life would mean a different thing in just split seconds. Not that I am being morbid, but the only certainty in life is death and for all the others, there are endless possibilities.

A glimpse of Taipei from over 11,000m above.

History can be made digestible by movies. I learnt a few things new today: “欲望使人年轻”、“冷天扇扇子可以让人更冷静”。More importantly, a calm mind and the right strategy are keys to success (never mind if it's the goose or turtle formation). Know thy self, know thy enemy, old fashioned but words of wisdom applicable in every era.

A name rang in my ear, Zhao Zilong. He was the hero, of course until Tony Leung appeared. What was the Battle of Chi Bi all about? The movie never say. But in the most superficial layman manner I shall explain, this was an important battle in history because the good guys (Liu Bei and Sun Quan) defeated the bad guy (Cao Cao) even though their troops were out-numbered by 4 times in the number of soldiers. It was all based on the wise use of strategies and strong morale plus unity. And apparently because the good guys won the battle, they secured the red cliff area, which seems like an important segment in Yangtze. Get it? Hmm.. I think we have better leave the details for the great story teller to tell us in the next movie.

It is fast approaching the 8th anniversary of SQ6 plane crash. On 31 October, many will weep once more. I wish for those who have lost their loved ones, to feel less grieve and find strength in life and those who have lost their lives, to rest in peace.

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