Thursday, 12 June 2008

Abbey Road, where the pilgrimage begins

Some 40 years ago, 4 men took the world by storm. They wrote music resounding throughout the world, even to the most unlikely places on earth. They created a new culture, in which young men and women in the many decades to follow will embrace and remember. They are none other than The Beatles!

Since they pose for one of their album cover on this road, the quiet residential neighbourhood has changed completely. Each day, fans from all over the world come here to "pay pilgrimage".

One of the most famous roads in the world, Abbey Road!

I am not trying to pose like a beatle, but walking across the zebra crossing is a MUST! It's a "traffic stopping" act haha!

The grafitti left behind by fans is a headache to the local municipal office. This morning, we met workers white washing the walls. I had a conversation with one of them and understand that a film company is coming for shooting this evening, which is why the walls need to be repainted... 3 times to get the grafitti completely covered. And security officers will be on guard all day to make sure that the wall will not be "vandalised", at least until the shooting is completed.

In fact, these walls are white washed about once in every 6 weeks. But it takes less than a day for it to be completely covered with messages from the fans!

A word of advice, the best time to come is at night.... hehehe

My pilgrimage begins here at Abbey Road. Watch out for more beatlemania actions when I reach Liverpool next week!

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